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About Nicola Parente

Nicola creates expressive abstract paintings and photography from his studio in Houston and had served as a longtime visiting artist in school classrooms with WITS. Born in Italy, he draws from his rich Italian heritage and a deep well of cross-cultural experiences to bring his art to life.

Working in a variety of media, he engages the viewer in dialogues of human encounter within the urban environment. Inspired by changes in metropolitan communities, his art defines the intersections of daily urban life and timeless multi-cultural celebration. His paintings capture the fluidity and static elements of the urban matrix, referencing the architectonic images, reflections, and rhythms of its landscape. (

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DIY Poet-trees

Want to create your own poet-tree? We can set you up to Do It Yourself with our DIY Poet-tree kit. Submit a poet-tree request form to WITS. Once your project is approved, we’ll send you a dropbox folder of resources, including a step-by-step guide, checklist of materials, and files to create your own poet-tree tags and signage. Questions? Email [email protected]
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