It’s like a fortress.
In old San Juan
the conquistadors
used to be there.
There’s a port
with cruises.
You can smell
the sea. There are
a lot of shops
with vendors and
you can sometimes
see performers
with cockatoos
and parrots like
from Pirates
of the Caribbean,
blue and yellow.
And the cockatoo
is white with
a yellowish tip.
You also see
lots of stray dogs
and cats but not
too many. Some
places you can
feed the birds.
One time I held
out my hand
and a bunch
of pigeons came
and covered my
hands and head.
I’m glad they
didn’t poop.
And then there’s
the “morrow”
which is like
a giant field
with a fortress
by the sea.
At the morrow
you can fly kites
and do festivities.
Recently there was
a festival for cats
and dogs and there
were about sixty
animals. I couldn’t go
because I just got out
of the hospital.
There are many
old buildings, many
historical buildings.

by Victor, 11th grade

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