Yesterday I went skateboarding with my family at the skate park near my house. Seattle’s boyfriend Duvall also came along. When we arrived there, it took about twenty minutes just to get our skateboards out and our wrist guards on. I love my skateboard. It is so cool. It has a skull and fire on the underside. I walked into the park. In front of me was basically a giant hole filled with cement skateboarding ramps. I tried to go down the biggest ramp. BAM. I fell. My butt was probably bruised, and I felt like quitting.

“Get up, you should try something smaller,” my dad said to me.

I walked over to the smallest ramp and went down. The first few times I fell, but my dad helped me by catching me when I fell. After a while I started to get the hang of it.

“It was really fun!” I said when we left. “I want to do that again!”

by Magnolia, 3rd Grade


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