You have come here to recall

all of your childhood.

Walk through the red steel door,

see a big loud TV and a once tall bar.

You hear a little cat run across the brown creaky floor,

into the hall you see the bright light.

Walk up to the big mirror you look and see,

the old you.


Smile to yourself feeling happy to be home once again.

Look to the end of the hall and see a towel

it’s wet and hanging to dry.

Walk into a room you once slept in,

look around to see sea turtles.

See silver shoes by the door so small,

walk across to the brown sofa in the room.

Close your eyes, breathe in and remember

the smell of the pink and black nail polish.


Open your eyes and everything that was

once there is gone,

you are left with nothing but the white

blank walls.


by Clarissa, 10th Grade

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