FullSizeRender (9)Hurting is not the option. No bombs, guns, or gas. Only words matter and are the option. Talking may not always be the option, though…like the police, if they don’t surrender, they might have to use their weapons. We have to use [weapons] to hunt, fight enemies, and win wars. But we need that to survive. We know that killing is wrong, and there is a book and a TV show that shows that lesson. It is called Batman. Although Batman dodges and uses skill, he does use violence, but he still will not kill. He thought that we should not kill but only fight for a right. I thought of this because I was hurt and almost killed. I was at the hospital. My family was there with me. There were so many tools and gadgets. It smelled like a cake. It sounded like beeb. . .  beeb. . . beeb! My family said, “You will be alright.” I was shocked, and I felt scared. This is why I believe that people should not kill people but use skill or words.
By Xavier, 3rd grade

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