In my neighborhood, I hear the sound of the train clashing along the tracks.
I hear my younger siblings fighting over my video games.
I hear cars whizzing around and the sound of my cousin’s truck pull up on the driveway.
In my neighborhood, I can smell the scent of waffles when I awake from a deep sleep.
I can smell freshly baked cherry pie that my mom makes after lunch and the scent of lavenders my grandmother planted weeks ago.
In my neighborhood, I can see the fences that shield the new town homes that were recently built during the last summer.
I can see many bikers and dog owners pass by my home to get to their destination.
In my neighborhood, I can taste the salt that drifted from my kitchen to my room through the air. I can taste the honey we spread over waffles in the morning.
In my neighborhood, I can feel isolation because everybody’s house is fenced off,
And I can feel the security of my home while I’m asleep at night.

by Raynaldo, 7th Grade

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