In my box, I place
the smell of the air on a summer breeze,
the sound of wolves during a full moon,
the first star in outer space,
the anchor thrown off of a ship,
the first word of a baby,
the happiest moments you cannot take back.
In my box, I will place
the love I have for God,
limitless time,
perfect health for everyone.
In my box, I will place
lots of enchiladas
and the best parents.
In my box,
I hold the key,
the shiniest diamond ring,
no more hungry children,
and the crashing waves of the ocean.
In my box,
I hold the next greatest invention,
the one thing that controls animals.
I put in my box
the aroma of roses on a romantic night,
bubbles that never pop,
the sound of starving lions.
The lock is made of spiders,
so if you try to break in to my box,
you’ll get bitten.
The top is sparkly purple
with the movement of the live ocean,
and the sides are made of flowers, smelling like enchiladas.
It shines like the sun,
the bottom, shimmering gold.

by Daniela,10th Grade

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