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  • Wired Words: 7th-9th Grade

In this hands-on, multimedia workshop, you will create digital writing projects drawn from and inspired by your own experiences. Through writing exercises and workshops, you will learn how to write for an audience and the best way to use various online web platforms.  Through exploring creative writing genres in online and multimedia formats, you will create an exciting, interactive multimedia project.  Our instructors will help you translate your stories, essays, images, and poetry into digital form. No prior experience with technology is necessary. You will need to bring your own laptop or tablet.

  • Just Write It: 7th-9th Grade

This session is designed to get you excited about creative writing.  You will write daily and learn about various forms and techniques, including prose, memoir, short stories, and poetry.   You will discuss the nuts and bolts of writing, and through fun, interactive writing exercises, you’ll develop your own voice, be inspired by words, and explore your imagination.  Our professional writers and teachers will show you how you can use writing to explore issues that are important to you.  At the end of the session, you will share finished pieces in a celebration, and you will take home a portfolio of your own work.

  • Brave New Worlds: Writing Fantasy & Sci-Fi: 7th-9th Grade

Do you like to create new worlds? Do you like to bend time as your heroes travel to distant planets?  Take your writing on a fantastic adventure this summer.  Fantasy and science fiction are popular forms of writing, and our professional writers and teachers can help you develop techniques to make your work stronger.  You’ll explore character development, writing dialogue, and vivid description of other worlds.  You will investigate how heroes and heroines show up in all forms of mythology, literature, and popular culture.  Whether your heroes are more like Katniss Everdeen or Harry Potter, you’ll learn how other-worldly settings and heroic journeys are crucial for crafting a successful, polished story.  You can bring in stories you’ve already started, or you can create original work at camp. At the end of camp, you will present your work, and you will leave the workshop with an epic poem or short story.

  •  Just Write It: 10th-12th Grade

In this workshop, you will explore the things that inspire you.  As a community of writers, you’ll focus on how to turn these inspirations into pieces of poetry, short stories, memoir, and essays.  By writing and reading daily, you’ll discuss what makes writing succeed, and you will use these techniques to help you put your own thoughts down on the blank page.  Using the college creative writing workshop as a model, you will conference and peer review each other’s work in a supportive environment. You can bring work you’ve already started, and you will get to work on new writing projects, too.   At the end of the workshop, you will share work at a reading, and you will leave with a portfolio of your writing.

  • Know Thyself: The Art of the Essay: 10th-12th Grade

The history of the essay finds its origins in the core Renaissance ideal of “rebirth.” This course will allow you to give “new life” to the art of essay writing by asking you to examine your personal story and connect it to a broader world of concepts and ideas. We’ll analyze this important and passionate literary form that will take your writing beyond familiar boundaries. We’ll experiment with fun, contemporary non-fiction forms like flash non-fiction, recipe writing, humor, and even lampoon to expand and sharpen your essay writing skills. This course is especially important for those of you who are preparing to write college entrance essays. Through the writer workshop model of peer review, you will work with your fellow writers to hone techniques and approaches, and you will leave with a portfolio of several completed essays.