Do Bugs Have Brains?

Posted September 28, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

Across the seas, above the trees,
Beyond the fields of daffodils,
Clinging to walls, sitting on dolls,
Diving down drains, do bugs have brains?

Eating some crumbs on top of drums,
Finding their dates in other states,
Gliding through air to trick the bear,
Hopping off trains, do bugs have brains?

Icing from cake, ready to take,
Jumping on beds, land on their heads,
Kicking the door, looking at them soar,
Leaping to grains, do bugs have brains?

Making messes, wearing dresses,
Naps in flowers, why take showers,
Opening cans with rubber bands,
Plummeting rains, do bugs have brains?

Quiet at night, almost, not quite,
Reading a book, tucked in a nook,
Swing from a vine, won’t that be fine,
Tripping on cranes, do bugs have brains?

Under the sun, look at them run,
Vying for love from up above,
Waiting for lunch, hearing the crunch,
X-tra back pains, do bugs have brains?

You won’t believe what they achieve,
Zapping through plains, bugs DON’T have brains!

By Jennifer, 12th Grade

Photo by Phil Hilfiker via Flickr

Alphabet Run

Posted May 14, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

But my
Cat and
Eat low
Fat food and wear
Gap shirts and
I’m a person who likes
Kate used to be a nice name but now it’s
Lame. A
Mouse lives in my house
Now because
Of a cat. He
Put cheese in my house to catch the mouse but
Quacked like a duck and now is a
Rat and
Sits on the couch on
Tuesdays. You
Used the bathroom to put on your
Velvet dress but it
Was black and white like an
X-ray and
You didn’t like it.
Zingolingo is a good game.

by Osmar, 3rd grade

[Photo by Leo Reynolds via flickr]