Oops II

Posted March 16, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

Because of the crushed house,

Because of the pig,

Because of the glass of

Milk, because of the spinning

Saw, because of the rock,

The house fell down.

So they bought a new

House.                  They bought a car,

A porch swing,

They bought a grill, and they

Bought a TV.

The pig got on the porch swing,

Swung high,

And did, mistakenly,

Of course, crash the car; the car

Knocked the grill, dropped

The pork belly. Oops!


Then the TV showed reruns over

And over until the TV

Broke, so Oops!

A pig child came out

Of the house, and played with his sword

And he sliced the pole

That held             the new house

Together and the house

Fell down. Oops!


Everything happened

Because of the pig and the swing!

By Michelle, 3rd grade