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image001Join our friends at The Alley Theatre, 615 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX  77002, for a wonderful performance on August 10th at 7:30 PM. The Jr. Conservatory will do a warm-up piece, followed by a longer piece by the Sr. Conservatory.

Last Chance to See Meta-Four Houston!

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Meta-fourVSmeta-fourFINALThe Writers in the Schools Meta-Four Houston Team is performing in one last poetry slam, Veterans versus Newbies, before heading off to the Brave New Voices international competition in Chicago.

Our team is the Texas Youth Poetry Slam 2013 State Champs!  Come see them this Saturday, August 3, 2013, at the Alley Theatre–Neuhuas Stage, 615 Texas Avenue.

Suggested donation is $10 and proceeds will help send Meta-Four to Brave New Voices in Chicago. Doors open at 6 PM, and the slam starts at 6:30 PM.

Fun, Happy, Magical Theatre with WITS Writer Elizabeth Keel

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WITS writer Elizabeth Keel, chosen by the Houston Press as one of the 100 Creatives of 2012, is excited to present a night of two new one-act plays as the 14 Pews Artist-In-Residence.

Performances of THE PSYCHIC PALACE and THE RAINBOW LANDS are April 25, 26, 27, 28 & 29, and May 2, 3, & 4.  Tickets are $10 for general public and $8 for 14 Pews members, seniors and students. Click here for more information.

THE PSYCHIC PALACE is a feisty romantic comedy about two psychics who struggle with knowing plenty about the future and not nearly enough about love.

THE RAINBOW LANDS is a charming family drama that summons the forgotten magic of childhood back into the present day lives of two sisters.

Come enjoy an evening of fun, happy, magical theatre!

Elizabeth A. M. Keel is a native Houstonian playwright, actor, director, teacher, and novelist. Her plays have been produced by Fresh Produce’d (NY), Big Head Productions, Mildred’s Umbrella, the Nova Arts Project, Scriptwriters/Houston, Bootown, and the University of Houston. She has studied playwriting with Edward Albee, Mark Bly, Mark Medoff, Lanford Wilson, and Stuart Ostrow, and fiction writing at the University of Houston and the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio. Her first novel, Running Into Trouble, was published in 2010. Elizabeth also teaches playwriting and other workshops for the Alley Theatre and creative writing to younger students via Writers in the Schools.

Meet New WITS Writer Elizabeth Keel

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Elizabeth A. M. Keel is a novelist and playwright. Her plays have been produced by the University of Houston, The Nova Arts Project, The Scriptwriters/Houston, Big Head Productions, Bootown, and MIldred’s Umbrella. Her first novel, Running Into Trouble, was published in 2010. Elizabeth also works as a teaching artist for the Alley Theatre, helping teens write short plays.

Elizabeth’s thoughts on WITS: 

All the stories I’ve ever read have stayed with me. They fill my tool box. I’ve read screwy stories, and ones that hammered things home. Sometimes, a certain story was the only thing that could spackle a crack in my life.

WITS is the Home Depot of story-tools. They are aisle after aisle of improved thought, humor, creativity, and hope. My goal is to hand out wrenches and saws to the next generation of thinkers. To teach them to look at problems, and instead of panic, draw on their writing and reading to see them through.

Elizabeth was influenced by Half Magic written by Edward Eager: 

“The children generally divided grown ups into four classes. There were ones like Miss Bick and Uncle Edwin… who–frankly, and cruel as it might be to say it–just weren’t good with children at all…

“Then there were ones like Miss Mamie King who–when they were with children–always seemed to want to pretend that they were children too…

“Somewhat better were the opposite ones who went around treating children as though they were as grown-up. This was flattering, but sometimes a strain to live up to.

“Last and best and rarest of all were the ones who seemed to feel that children were children and grown-ups were grown-ups… and there wasn’t any reason why they couldn’t get along perfectly well and even occasionally communicate, without changing that fact.

Mr. Smith turned out to be one of these.”

Support WITS: Buy ticket to see RED @ Alley Theatre

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Writers in the Schools (WITS) is excited to partner with the Alley Theatre’s $10Tix program and the Menil Collection.  Please support WITS by buying a $10 ticket and bringing a donation of crayons, colored pencils, or markers to the production of RED by Josh Logan.  The $10 tickets are available for the 2:30 PM performance on Saturday, March 3rd.  The tickets are available beginning at 11 am the same day.  There is limited availability, so get tickets early.

Scheduled on the first Saturday matinee of each Hubbard Stage play, the $10Tix program is the Alley’s effort to generate in-kind donations for partnering social non-profit organizations.  The Alley offers $10 Tixs  (limit two per person) to patrons who bring in the item(s) requested by the participating organization. This offer is available in-person at the box office, on the day of the performance only – limited number of seats available. Cash or check only.

Thank you, Alley Theatre!