Hope for the World (Inspired by a Mark Rothko Painting)

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Anger, what has our world become?

Pollution, smoking, and all sorts of bad

Things. What has our world become?

As Earth orbits the sun, as more time

Passes, anger conquers our

World. What has our world become?

Look at our oceans. There’s trash

As far as the eye can

See. What has our world become?

You hear sounds of anger

All around. Even you have felt the

Pain. What has our world become?

But do you see that white line?

That is hope. Hope for our world.

So, as you look around, ask yourself,

“What can I do to help this world

To conquer anger, as it did conquer us?”


By Sophie, 4th grade


Posted April 28, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


When I get mad I think darkly.
Flames coming out of men.
Black, heartless, nothingness, twisters.
I feel like throwing the world into a trash can.
One man crashing everything in sight.
The black rose.
A black casket.
A cow producing black milk.
The sun falling out of the sky and the moon never coming up.
Black graffiti on every man’s heart.
The blind being able to see,
Those with sight becoming blind.

By Jaylon, age 13

(photo by FDB Graphics via flickr)