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October is the time of year when

you get to eat pumpkin cream cheese

pick up acorns that the squirrels missed

think about your Halloween costume

watch the leaves change

wear slippers.

By Fiona, 2nd grade

Forest Orchestra

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The tie-dyed fall leaves flutter down
from the towering tree like butterflies.
They softly float to rest on the untouched snow.
Meanwhile a gorgeous red robin sings. Her mate must be catching worms
for the family.
The wind is howling. The water is stirring. The crickets are chirping along.
Just listen and you’ll hear…
The forest turns into an orchestra of howling, stirring, chirping and more!
by Isabel, 4th grade

This poem was written as part of the WITS Environmental Writing Project at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, sponsored by Shell, Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Jacob & Terese Hershey Foundation.


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In my tree,
I grew up
with lots of other leaves.
I loved hearing
the whistle of the birds
and chatter of the squirrels.
Although when the other leaves
blew away
it meant growing up.
I waited every fall
until one fall it happened.
I landed next to my friend,
and I floated with her
the rest of my life.

By Josephine, 4th grade
[photo by Jack Hindmarsh via flickr]

A Leaf

Posted November 5, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I was born in your yard. I am a tiny thing.
Your grass is so green; it’s all I have seen
for now. I am hanging, thinking of what
I’ve done to deserve this. Birds chirping
and happy children playing. I am growing
old. I feel that oh-so-wobbly feeling. I FALL!
Luckily, I am still alive. Now, you are reading
at my trunk. “I’m right here!” I call out
impatiently. Finally, you see me. You bring me
into your house, set me on your window sill.
After a few days with no water, I’m dead by drought.
I fought and fought but my luck was out.

By Tinsley, 3rd grade
[photo by P. J. McAddie via flickr]


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If I were a season,
I would be
the season of ever changing leaves,
trickling down along the wind,
sliding across roads of asphalt,
gloomily crackling as pairs of
lone feet read on,
making their way home
to their warm escape of love, and laugh
while I, autumn, watch.

By Raina, 5th grade
[photo by well taken via flickr]


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One might look at a tree, a plum tree or an oak, and think, “How boring trees are, just sitting about like they do. Let’s get a colorful flower instead.”

Really trees were once a civilized yet free and running people much like ourselves, but more lordly and graceful. Yet as the years passed trees grew older and creaky. Then we came, and trees had a perfectly good reason to clump together into forests and stay perfectly still. All except for their swaying branches, which cooled them on hot days. Still they hide from us, now covered with moss and brown from years of standing. All their fine jewelry has turned into leaves.

The trees are nothing like what they used to be, but some still retain their ghostly faces.

By MarySuna, 4th grade


Posted October 31, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

Winter, my winter, is no winter.
It’s only


Turkey and stuffing make


delicious and my girlfriend
makes me so cool and cuddly
which makes my world


in love.

But sometimes the moon makes my mood


to the ground.

And then my dad starts to cook
just like my cozy mom
which makes my dad


into the best cooker-category in all of cooker-land.

by Michael, 5th Grade