The Red Bike

Posted January 26, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

is red

like Mars, like lava

in a hot volcano,

is old, like a

Grandpa’s gray hair

on the floor of a barber shop,

is deflated,

like an old car tire,

like its own tires,

is beat up, like a

fighter after a long hard

fight or a favorite pair of

sneakers no longer nice and bright.

By Chloe, 5th grade

Photo by funebre via Flickr

Dream Bike

Posted June 4, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I have dreamed of a strange bike
that can fly at the speed of
10,000 miles per hour. It has
wings of pure gold, platinum, and
diamonds. The wingspan is
thirty feet long and the width is
twenty feet. The bike is the size of
a fully-grown lion.

It can fly so high that I
have to get back down to earth
before I can breathe. Once an eagle
was trying to kill me, but
I picked up the speed to 10,000
mph. I was going so fast I
passed up my own house.
I park the bike in my mind.

by Jamal, 6th Grade