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Originally posted on 7/16/2008.

If Billy Collins could turn into a library, maybe he could change me into something new, a birthday cake made for one purpose—to make others happy. Or a mirror to help other see how they truly look. But they would not appreciate the mirror they look into. I am not unhappy, to say the least, but a change does not come unwanted. It could be a change for the better. Maybe Collins could change me into a raindrop or a pen, almost out of ink. Or a chalkboard. If only I could close my eyes and open them, not as a person but as a chalkboard filled with scribbled, brilliant, dusty ideas and theories. Ideas that not only will help me, but they will also teach others and help other people and students learn what I have learned in the past. I would be able to look into the faces of the students learning because of my being and smile.

By Lauren, 12th grade

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Being a Tiger

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If Billy Collins could be turned into a library
in one sentence,
perhaps he could transform me into something new:
a book with never-ending pages for me to fill with my thoughts,
a plane, a spaceship that could travel through the galaxy.

I am not bored of my life now, but a little more adventure would be great.
When Kafka writes on his pages and
loops and lines appear,
they turn me into a volcano, a comic book, a bed so I’ll always be comfortable,
or a tiger.

To awaken as a tiger,
I would pass my days in the forest,
drinking from a cool river full of natural water.
I would watch for all prey and leave a size twelve footprint in the ground saying,
“Paws Was Here!”
I would sleep in the trees, hidden in the
leaves, spying on any animal passing under me.
I would run until my legs were numb.

by Parris, age 14