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when I am heavyhearted

my thoughts fly

they float alone


on a forgotten street

with a blue like my sweater

under its wings



ruminating eternally

By Rosa, age 11

Photo by crochetgal via flickr


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12 pale silhouettes dancing
in a moonlit courtyard
glistening under a gossamer fog.
That is why the sky is blue. A rather
odd remark. The silhouettes were clouds
swaying in the moonlit courtyard of the sky.
The low, gossamer fog danced, made blue
silhouettes resembling the sky.
The sky danced in the tall, pale cedar tree
that shined like the gray chimes that
hung from it. In the magnolia tree,
flowers blooming with small petals
curling in circles like the sky in
which the blue world began.

By Zoe, 4th grade
[photo by kevin dean via flickr]

Originally published on July 8, 2009.

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Explaining Colors

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Red is the color of lava bursting out of a volcano.

Black is the color of a cave where the deadly bats live.

Gray is the color of metal that holds things together.

Brown is the color of mountains high in the sky.

Green is the color of leaves hanging on a tree.

Blue is the color of waves in the sea.

Yellow is the color of the sun out in space.

Purple is the color of wild berries hanging on a bush,

And white is the color of stars high above me.

By Raphael, age 6

[photo by My empress via Flickr]

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