Dear Ocean

Posted October 26, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

Inspired by Charles Simic’s poem “Stone”

I want to go inside you,

Where I’d see dolphins and

Hear a whispering sound

Let someone else become

A rock or a mountain

I’m happy to be an ocean like you.

Inside you are colorful

Clownfish and jellyfish

Blue waves crashing

Deep down you are dark

And cold like taiga

I wonder how you feel

And what secrets you hide

By Yesenia, age 15

Inside a Raindrop

Posted July 18, 2007 & filed under Notebook.


Go inside a raindrop
where it is cold. I see a rainbow down
the smooth side. As the rain falls,
I jump
up and down
inside the raindrop
As the rain falls,
I hear loud thunder.
I jump rope to calm myself down.
As I scream,
I hear my loud echo answering back to me.

by Samantha, 4th grade
J.R. Harris Elementary School

writing prompt = “Stone” by Charles Simic