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I have never met my grandparents before, but my mom told me about them. She told me that my grandpa got milk from the cow and made it into cheese then sold it. She told me that they had lots of animals, like cows, pigs, horses, dogs, sheep, and goats. When my mom was little, my grandpa gave her a horse for her birthday. Her name was Star. My mom told me once there was a fox that was trying to get in the chicken pen and eat a chicken, but my grandpa saw it and scared it away. My mom looked in our closet to find a picture of Mexico that they took with the animals and my grandparents and my mom when she was little. First I saw a picture of a pig named Gordita, and she had piglets that he sold. Whenever there were baby chicks, cows, horses or goats, my grandpa would sell them. My grandma took a picture of the dog playing with the chicken. There was some stuff in the box with the pictures. There was a sombrero and a little statue of a Chihuahua dancing the Mexican hat dance. She put the box away and started thinking about going to Mexico. It’s a gateway to a lifetime.

by Christian, 4th grade

My Extra-Terrestrial Chihuahua

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Once I had an extra-terrestrial Chihuahua. One day, Chimmy-Chimmy-Feed-Me-Right-NOW, my alien Chihuahua, got lost! He was the hungriest thing in the whole universe (and I’m not kidding)!

Well anyway, I thought he’d starve, but fortunately, it was muddy outside so I could follow his tracks. Chimmy, short for Chimmy-Chimmy-Feed-Me-Right-NOW, had loopy tracks. I went on a walk (I’m 8, but don’t worry, I‘ve had another doggie) to look for loopy tracks. Easy, huh? Nope! He could have run anywhere.

So I put on my sweater and roamed the whole neighborhood. I was careful to cover every corner to look for Chimmy, that dear dog. When I was about to give up, I saw the blue-green extra-terrestrial dog whimpering in hunger. I took him home and fed him 1 million cups of dog chow.

by Sarah, 2nd grade


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Although I am small
I am good and sweet.
I am watery and cute.
Sometimes I have seeds and
sometimes I don’t!
I bark but won’t bite,
I am fluffy forever. . .
I am the Chihuahuatermelon!

Poem and drawing by Sophia, 3rd grade