Like Me

Posted November 25, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

Sunset shines really bright

Yellow and purple
Like me

Fluffy clouds are
Fluffy as my pillow

Ocean water moves with waves
Shine bright like the sun
Looks warm like coffee
Pretty like me

Big like a city and a basketball
Cute like me

Sunset shines like the beach
Smells good like a roasted turkey
On Thanksgiving Day

It is so beautiful
like me.

by Heather, 4th grade

Make Your Own Halloween Comics

Posted October 28, 2011 & filed under Notebook. is a site that invites you to make your own comics. This year they’ve created a special program to help you make scary comics for Halloween. The Halloween Digital Write-Able asks: Imagine you could create a frightening ghost story. What would your opening lines be, your key characters, and your closing lines?  Go fill out your story now!