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Bravery is getting in a car.

It’s being in fourth grade.

The fearless body.

Bravery is skydiving.

It’s a roar of a lion.

The whistle down the sky.

By Alvan, 4th grade

Photo by Axel Buhrmann

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The feeling of being a little kid

having no worries

nothing you do is wrong

the fun of the toys

birthday parties

stuffed animals

how could you know that in just a few years

they would be sold, given to other people

even thrown away

But when you lose something you can also gain something

maturity, knowledge, responsibility, respect

starting to read long books

with only words and no pictures

By Jason, 9th grade

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Mischievous Shadow

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My shadow is nothing like me.

It creeps at dawn,

it sobs at midnight,

it hauls a cat throughout the day,

and glides when the sun falls.

This evil little shadow is so appalling.

It is so naughty and wicked and dreadful

that she can’t say a word,

and so she can only listen.

And my shadow does not like what she hears.

Other shadows say that she is absolutely

unpleasant, dire, terrible, inferior, horrific,

but at the end of the day,

my shadow is just me.

By Emily, 3rd grade

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My Magic Box

Posted December 14, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

My shiny pink box with
the pictures of my grandpa.
The pictures with his smell
that makes me remember him.

In my box, I will put…
My baby things like
my pillow, my shoes, my clothes,
and my blanket. With my
smooth little things I wish
I was a baby like I
was before.

In my box, I will put…
The shiny and rough clothes
that someone special gave me.
My grandparents gave me
the clothes with their smell
and love. That I love
and will always have.

By Elizabeth, 4th grade

In the Mall of My Mind

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In the mall of my mind,
I would sell cars and clothes,
to those who are less fortunate.
I would sell peace
to children with no quiet home.
I would sell wisdom
to this young boy
who is now
the man of the house.

By Marcos, 10th grade
Photo by Bamasusanna via Flickr