The Mystery City

Posted June 22, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


I hear the sounds of gangs fighting like red fire,
lobster and shrimp being cooked on orange, warm grills.
People being served at tables with happiness,
the loud sound of barking dogs that turn black,
sounds of footsteps walking through the night with sadness,
loneliness roams in the air,
gleaming light from the moon that the blind can see through the streets of Alabama.
The wind blows to make people fear the eye.
As the storm comes, people close their windows and doors to get away in fear.
As the winds pass, the city calms
so the midnight moon can pass once again.

By Valerie, 3rd grade
[Painting by Jacob Lawrence]

City of Dreams

Posted April 27, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


Darkness, black, specks of light, swim
closer, light in the city of dreams,
population, fish, buildings, coral, shock,
flash, a fish beside me, he was slightly
transparent, flew into me, and I came to
be a fish, he flew out, I was human so I
called him Mistia, I gave him that name
because it was by that name he was
known on the streets and in the houses
of that magical city, no air, must breathe,
and he flew into me again to forever stay.

By Caroline, age 9

(photo by Stuck in Customs via flickr)

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