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I am marching down the street.

It’s night, and I am singing with

people all around me.

It’s cold, but I don’t notice

because I am trying to find my

way to freedom. I am letting

my soul take flight like a bird.

My arms are linked to the sky.

Voices ring in my ears as we

sing our way to heaven.

By Maya, 4th Grade

Sad Truth

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Photo from the Houston Post Collection. Courtesy of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Over there, water
Fountains for black people
Over there, water
Fountains for white people.
Screaming people
Arguing, raising fists
Putting up bad signs
“Negro Stay Out”
Hauling people
Away in trucks
Sending them to jail
Hurting people
Little kids walking on old
Burned down houses
Running for their lives
People writing VOTE

By Diego, 2nd grade

Erasure Poem

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Walk alone

Cannot turn back

will you be satisfied?

Can never be satisfied

horrors, brutality

can never be satisfied

cannot vote

no, no

not satisfied

some have come fresh from narrow jail cells

with that

go back

go back


go back

go back

can and will be changed

face the difficulties

my friends

a dream

created equal

transformed into an oasis of freedom

By Monica, 9th grade

With words from “I Have a Dream” by Dr. M. L. King