Posted July 1, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

Our imagination can come alive.
Sometimes, I feel like I’m fading out,
like people can’t see me
or like I’m stuck in another dimension where there’s no light,
captured by evil darkness and trapped in a wooden box,
slowly turning me from who I am into an evil spirit.
But my good spirit overpowers the evil trying to get inside of me.
So the power inside of me bursts out
and lights up the dark
to show me the way back to myself.
I find myself touched by the light, and I become a lovely color.

by Amber, 12th Grade
Texas Children’s Hospital


Posted June 16, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I had an orange
that looked like a whole moon.
When I chopped it in half
it looked like two half moons.
My mom came into the kitchen
and ate the orange.
She said it tasted funny,
and I told her she just swallowed
a colorful star.

by Tyrell, 5th Grade

[Photo provided by Flickr]


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Black is as dark as the inside of a Beluga whale.
Black is as bold and tough as a panther ripping apart its prey.
Black is as mysterious as a shadow knocking on your door at midnight.
Black can fly as high as a rocket ship blasting into the depths of outer space.
Black is as loud as eternal silence.
Black is as hard as a massive piece of limestone being pounded by a huge hammer.
Black is as cold as a ghost lurking around you.
Black cannot be broken.

by Daniel, 5th Grade

[photo by sprocket87 via flickr]


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in the forest

blue shirts and jeans swishing past me,
the smell of sweat in the air,
the blue cloud-free sky above me,
the sound of running feet,
while kids’ hands are at work picking
berries and dumping them in baskets,
the feelings of happiness and excitement inside
me mixing and making me want to stay


by Jana, 4th Grade