The Color of Warmth

Posted November 19, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

If I were a color, I would be the color of warmth.

I would be

the color of Thanksgiving.

If you looked at the late sunset, you’d find me.

I am the color of spicy gummy bears.

I am the delicious brown spice.

I am the color of deer and old burnt treasure maps.

I would be the color…

By Rosalind, 3rd Grade

Let the Trees

Posted November 18, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

Let the trees rise to the sky
where the blue birds fly.

Let the trees dance at night with
its leaves falling on the ground.

Let the trees see at night with the
stars shining.

Let the tall trees sing at night
with the wind blowing the leaves, singing
sh, sh, sh.

Let the trees have lots of leaves
with the leaves different
colors—green, yellow, red, orange,
blue, purple, or pink.

Let the trees have lots of branches
with leaves all over.

Let the trees grow
apples big and small.

Let the trees
grow taller and taller.

By Maria


Posted August 5, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


Mercury in
a fluorescent tube
absorbs UV
and lights.
The light reaches
and transforms
white phosphorous
to black.
Instead of flame,
converts to black.
Tungsten oxide
melts glass
spreading black
silicon below
in the crush,
shakes, shakes
for a moment.

By Stephen, 4th grade

Photo by Wylie Maercklein via Flickr


Posted June 17, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

My hand is so complicated,
and my mind is a mystery.

Come with me to see every part of the thing
that I call a hand.

Explore every dip, dive, and loop.
The lines will tell you about me,
and, if you can see, I am extraordinary.

Take my faith line, for example.
If you know about lines,
you might know I am loco,
and the best job suited for me is mad chemistry.

Next in line is my lifeline
which tells you about my sudden lifestyle change
among many others.

Strong, like an ox, which I would say
my mentality is.

My heart line:
can I erase it?
Maybe, but why?
It tells you so much, like
are you heavy-hearted, light-hearted, or a black hole,
floating in your own sorrow,
like a train at the end of a rail
or the final beat of a heart?

I am moving on.

By DeAndrea, 12


Posted June 9, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

[Photo by A Thomas Bower via Flickr]

Within my heart
there lies the love of art
Within my head
there are paintings
I will paint for a friend.
Within my wildest dreams
You will find a colorful wizard
Who is not what he seems.

By Erica
2nd grade

Morado (Purple)

Posted April 10, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.

video = 56 seconds long

Morado, te amo
Como si fueras mi novia,
Como si fueras mia:
Coloreame de morado
Como si yo fuera tu uva.

Morado, te amo
Eres recién lavada,
Recién casé en mi vida.

Coloreame de morado
Porque de los más hermosos colores,
Tú eres la mas bella,
Tú eres mi Corazon.

Morado, te veo
En todas partes de las uvas.
Cuando tú no estás,
Siempre pienso en ti
Morado, te extraño.


English translation:

Purple, I love you
As if you were my bride,
As if you were mine;
Paint me purple
As if I were your grape.

Purple, I love you
You have arrived,
You are in my life.

Paint me purple
Because of all the most beautiful colors,
You are the most beautiful,
You are my heart.

Purple, I love you
In all parts of the grape.
When you are not here,
I’m always thinking of you.
Purple, I miss you.

By Christian , age 7

[photo by Stephen pix via Flickr]


Posted August 1, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

I am the color yellow, bright and vibrant wherever I go.
Imagination fills my brain and
happiness covers my face. I smell
sunshine and confidence that
encourages my strengths.
I am the color yellow.

by Courtney, 9th grade, Bellaire High School