Aunt Polly Dolly

Posted March 6, 2013 & filed under Notebook.


Whenever my aunt comes into town, we have lots of fun. She’s my mom’s sister and we call her Polly Dolly.  She is very funny and crazy.  She wears boots and furry scarves around her neck, and she knows how to talk with lots of different accents.  If you’re bored, she always says, “Make some fun!”  She’s good at turning a regular day into something interesting.  When my little brother is sad, she puts spoons on her nose and makes them stick.  When my little sister is yelling and being bad, she will crawl around on the floor and play pony with her.  She can cheer me up when I feel depressed.  I hope I grow up to be just like my aunt.

By Annette, 3rd grade