Student Writing and Art Contests

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Fall 2013 Writing Contests
Essay: October 31, 2013
Poetry: December 5, 2013

The deadline for the Creative Communication essay contest has been extended to October 31, 2013, for the essay contest.  The deadline is December 5, 2013 for the poetry contest. Entries may be submitted online at the Creative Communication website or by mail. Each student in grades K-12 may submit one poem, a maximum of 21 lines of text on any topic. Each student in grades 4-12 may submit one non-fiction essay from 100-250 words on any topic. Full information is at


Creative Communication has also started an art competition with a publication deadline of October 24, 2013. Click here to learn more.

Summer Writing Contest: Enter Today!

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FlyerNeed a summer project? Here is an announcement from Creative Communication, which sponsors writing contests three times a year for K-12 students:

Taylor Swift entered our contest when she was in the 5th grade and her entry was selected as a national Top Ten winner.  If you are a student and have a poem or essay you wrote in class, or want to write a new one, you won’t have the opportunity to be published or win a prize if you don’t enter. The next essay contest deadline is July 16, 2013 and the next poetry contest deadline is August 15, 2013. You can go to for contest rules and to enter online.”

Writers in the Schools (WITS) Student Wins National Award

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Creative Communication: A Celebration of Today’s Writers chose Writers in the Schools (WITS) student Jasmin Johnson as one of the top 10 4th grade poets in the nation.  Three of her poems will be published in an anthology of student writing.  Jasmin also will receive a $50 savings bond.  For more information about Creative Communication contests, please visit their website.  The next deadline for poetry is December 6, 2011.

Here are two of Jasmin’s poems:

The Runaway Imagination

Boom! Oh, no, my imagination is
exploding out of my head. It happened
just this morning coming out of bed.
I put on a headband my imagination
denies. I fall out of bed and cry.
Oh no, I feel dull. I lost my sense of
fun. My crazy imagination is on the run.
I have to catch it quickly, but wait! It’s
time for school but my imagination starts
to head for the pool.  I pull it aside and
bring it to class.  Hurray! It’s 9:30, I’m in
time for math. But wait! There isn’t
school today. You mean that there was
time to play? Oh, what a ridiculous
Saturday. You silly imagination,
get back in my head!

By Jasmin, 4th grade

Cup Full of Elephant: A Self-Portrait

I try to copy what I see.
Is it good enough?
Do you blame me?
Art is hard. I’ll just draw a cup.  Do
you see?  Is it good enough?
I’ll try to copy what I see.
Is it good enough?
Do you blame me?
Art is hard.  I’ll draw a set of paints! Do
you see? Is it good enough?
I’ll try to copy what I see.
Is it good enough?
Do you blame me?
Art is hard.  I’ll draw an elephant butt.
Wait! An elephant butt?  Ewww!

By Jasmin, 4th grade