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The trees sway in the wind, dancing upon our eyes. The joy-filled kids swarm past us like a flock of angry geese. The mud bestows heavy layers of stains at the tips of my shoes, leaving them with a brown bumpy concoction. The blades of grass at my feet tickle my toes, while the mulch does its job and makes the grass disappear. The fresh air roars through my skin, making its way into the roots of my hair. The sweat forms on my skin like rain in a thunderstorm, the warmth of the sun works its way down to the tips of my toes, to the roots of my fingernails. The pasty wind runs through my nostrils, leaving me with a sudden surge of cold. The creaks of the monkey bars crack through my ears, as love-filled kids rock upon them. The shrieks of laughter reach my ears like a mighty roar of thunder. The teachers happily talk to one another as if just meeting an old friend. The birds chirp above us sitting on trees stuffed to the brim with leaves. The playground is a place that makes any visitor feel free.

By Ella, 4th grade


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What kind of animal…

• squawks for food
• has rainbow feathers
• stares at you with yellow, green, and black eyes
• has a white, peach, and black beak
• makes a big racket
• snaps its sharp beak while eating
• makes a big riot
• feels smooth on its feathers
• scratches at windows
• smells spoiled and tastes rotten
• talks like people
• lives in tropical rainforests
• is very rowdy
• has a feathery body
• often lives with 80 or more friends?

Think it over for 10 seconds….

Answer: a parrot
By Casey, 2nd grade