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Someone is trying to explain and spread feelings out.

Red, blue, angry.

Black, red, happy.

Red, pink.

I see my dreams every time I wake up.

The sketches are still there in the morning.

They remind me of somebody I know.

It seems as if it was all real and golden.

Is it so?

It must be something haunting me from the past.

By Allenique, 3rd grade

The Dream

Posted June 7, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


[Photo by Jiro.h via Flickr]

As I lie in the soft grass,
Feeling the gentle breeze

I look up and watch
The puffed white clouds drifting in the air.

I group the softest clouds together
And dream.

In my dream I see everything
Close to me.

I am in the middle of the road,
On the right side of me is Seattle
On the left side of me is Texas.

In the air
I smell the wild jasmine flowers.

I hear my best friend’s loud voice
Calling my name.

And in the blue sky
I spot my special memory of me.

Dreamily I hear my favorite music
Flowing through the air.

I wish this dream had never ended
But it did.

I opened my eyes slowly
A big smile on my face.

From now on, I thought,
This place is all to me.

Kirthy, 6th grade
Inspired by Calder’s Mobile