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[Photo by A Thomas Bower via Flickr]

Within my heart
there lies the love of art
Within my head
there are paintings
I will paint for a friend.
Within my wildest dreams
You will find a colorful wizard
Who is not what he seems.

By Erica
2nd grade


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Sheep wander wobbly
through a marsh.
Wandering when they
should be fleeing,
the blind flock
makes its way
to a destination
unknown. Dreams,
the wandering
sheep making their
way from the unconscious
through the conscious.
A peaceful walk
through a marsh,
or a nightmare?
A wolf in
sheep’s clothing.

By Dashiell, 10th grade

My Dreams

Posted February 9, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


In the cold dark night where stars twinkle,
Beside the hot fires of a dragon,
Among the silvery glowing unicorns,
For the flower-filled valleys,
Across the melting planets of outer space,
Next to the strong grizzly bear,
Near the sly fox and the wise owl,
Under the cold waves where fish shine,
I melt under the hot sun,
I dazzle and glide in the cool breeze,
I dance through the damp rainforest,
I sleep under darting stars.

By Avery
[photo by sparkspill via flickr]

City of Dreams

Posted April 27, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


Darkness, black, specks of light, swim
closer, light in the city of dreams,
population, fish, buildings, coral, shock,
flash, a fish beside me, he was slightly
transparent, flew into me, and I came to
be a fish, he flew out, I was human so I
called him Mistia, I gave him that name
because it was by that name he was
known on the streets and in the houses
of that magical city, no air, must breathe,
and he flew into me again to forever stay.

By Caroline, age 9

(photo by Stuck in Customs via flickr)

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