Hope for the World (Inspired by a Mark Rothko Painting)

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Anger, what has our world become?

Pollution, smoking, and all sorts of bad

Things. What has our world become?

As Earth orbits the sun, as more time

Passes, anger conquers our

World. What has our world become?

Look at our oceans. There’s trash

As far as the eye can

See. What has our world become?

You hear sounds of anger

All around. Even you have felt the

Pain. What has our world become?

But do you see that white line?

That is hope. Hope for our world.

So, as you look around, ask yourself,

“What can I do to help this world

To conquer anger, as it did conquer us?”


By Sophie, 4th grade

Student Art & Writing Contest: River of Words

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Travel with a Beaver by Ellie, age 7


Students can enter their best nature writing and art to the annual River of Words Competition between now and December 1st, 2014.Here is information from their website:


Nature has been the greatest source of inspiration for artists and poets since humans began drawing on the walls of caves and singing sagas.

Yet despite its importance, environmental and arts education is marginalized in the United States. This sorry scenario is increasingly true in other countries as well.

River of Words was founded to give new life to the teaching of art and poetry through watershed exploration. Our innovative Watershed Explorer Educator’s Guide brings together sketching and botany, nature journaling and poetry writing. Students who participate are encouraged to submit their work to our free international art and poetry contest, held annually since 1995 in conjunction with the Center of the Book in the Library of Congress.


US entries must be postmarked by December 1, 2014.
International entries must be received by February 1, 2015.

Click here for complete information about submitting your work.