There’s a Unicorn in My Backpack

Posted January 18, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

There’s a unicorn
in my backpack. He wants
to come to school with me.
He might butt me with his horn,
and he might chase me and
the other kids in the school.
He might run in the street,
and he might ram the kids,
and he might eat the snacks,
and he might hit the doors, and
butt the little kids. The dogs
on the street will run and bark
and bark.

But he might sing me a lullaby
when I can’t go to sleep and he might
butt the intruders who try to come in.
If he stands at the door, I might let him in.

By Megan, 1st grade

Photo by paulmcdee via Flickr

My Dreams

Posted February 9, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


In the cold dark night where stars twinkle,
Beside the hot fires of a dragon,
Among the silvery glowing unicorns,
For the flower-filled valleys,
Across the melting planets of outer space,
Next to the strong grizzly bear,
Near the sly fox and the wise owl,
Under the cold waves where fish shine,
I melt under the hot sun,
I dazzle and glide in the cool breeze,
I dance through the damp rainforest,
I sleep under darting stars.

By Avery
[photo by sparkspill via flickr]