Flower Painting

Posted March 30, 2011 & filed under Notebook.


Just outside the frame a
lady is putting makeup on,
a man is fixing his tie, a
car is waiting outside.
The flowers wait and wait
and wait to be watered. They
worry that the lady and the
man won’t come back till midnight.
The clock strikes midnight,
they hear the door rattling,
the couple steps in. They
don’t notice the flowers.
Days pass then weeks
and the flowers have
not been watered since
Friday May 2nd, the flowers are sad.
Sunday May 26th the petals
from the flowers start to fall.
The flowers feel sick, some of
them are sad, some friends died.
Monday June 1st the flowers
are brown. The lady comes in,
she sees the flowers, in go
the flowers into the stinky
smelly trash can.
It was the end
of the flowers. They
no longer sit in the red
vase on the living room table.

By Maria, 4th grade

Photo by glyn_nelson via Flickr

Garden Snapshot

Posted September 8, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

It is time to discover the outdoors.
See the flowers surround us?
The sun wants to show its face.
When you look at the flower,
The pink flower, like a tiger’s mouth,
Wait for butterflies to come.
The inside of the peeled white flower
Looks like a bunch of cherry red needles.
But don’t be afraid; they are not sharp.
They are soft like pillows.
The army of flowers is looking for their general.
They are waiting
To march.
The flowers are like a heart
And also like a heart
They pump.
When you look
You will see
More and more flowers
Because it is spring.
Time for them
To come to the world.

By Yaprak, 8th grade

Photo by Courtney Harnage via flickr


Ode To A Daisy

Posted May 21, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

The sleek stem
grass green
and tall
and the
petals are like
jewels on a
queen’s crown.
Like diamonds,
even prettier
than ever.
Like a
disco ball,
giving light
to the room.
Like stars,
through the
The crisp,
green leaves
are like
in the sun.
Like deep,
green eyes
staring right
at yours.
Ode to
a daisy,
my favorite
The beautiful
ones in my

by Rachel, 5th Grade

photograph by Salama via flickr