Flower Day

Posted May 20, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

May 20th is Flower Day.  Robin Reagler, Executive Director of WITS, often tells the story of her mother explaining to her what she needed to do to be a poet.

The first thing on the list?  Memorize the names of 20 flowers.  So, Robin got right to work: daisy, azalea, silverbell, dahlia, magnolia, petunia, zinnia, snowdrop, iris, tulip, tiger lily….

Robin learned her first writing lesson.  Smart writers study, observe, and notice world around them.  Smart writers find ways to become one with the world outside of them.  In honor of poets and flowers everywhere, here is a piece written by a third grader:

Listen to Who I Am

I am the tiny, yellow flower that comes out in spring

I am the ghost hiding in your book

I am the moon, brighter than the sun

I am your flag singing from morning to night

I am the white paper you write your stories on

I am a balloon that goes up and never comes back

I am the old shoe that walks away from you

I am the shadow that follows you forever

I am salt like the snow in winter

I am a dream that opens and closes

I am the baseball that flies like a bird

I am the musical note that plays on the moon

I am beneath your feet

I am above the stars

I am in your soul

By Alyssa, age 9

posted by Marcia Chamberlain