Star Bright, Star Light

Posted January 20, 2020 & filed under mentor text, Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

I looked up into the sky,

And saw a young star.

I asked the star to speak to me

of freedom,

And the star replied,

Nothing in the world will

ever be given to you, Gabe.

Everything, you must fight for.

You see…the world will put

chains with locks on you…

And everything you love.

To find freedom, find the key.

To find happiness, overcome depression and anxiety.

To find yourself, accept your identity.

To love your family, accept your culture.

To be free, find the key.

Fight for your freedom.


by Gabe, 12th grade


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I am marching down the street.

It’s night, and I am singing with

people all around me.

It’s cold, but I don’t notice

because I am trying to find my

way to freedom. I am letting

my soul take flight like a bird.

My arms are linked to the sky.

Voices ring in my ears as we

sing our way to heaven.

By Maya, 4th Grade

All Kids Deserve Glory

Posted April 20, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.

All kids deserve glory.
In what books do artists catch gold,
What island just passes to exist?
The old men help change history
with thinking and serious writing.
Perfect is gone.
You take time from people,
You have no name…need one?
Get it free.

By Maria, age 15

(photo by Jeridaking via flickr)