About That

Posted March 17, 2014 & filed under Notebook.

About that…I’m really sorry

I never meant to hurt your feelings

My mouth got ahead of me

I didn’t think, I didn’t imagine

any of the consequences

Now the words are out there

in the universe and I can’t take

them back, can’t throw them in

a black hole, can’t bury them

under ice, can’t burn them in fire

I messed up but I want you to know

I’m sorry for adding to the trash

and debris and ugliness that’s

out there. I took a wrong turn.

About that…I’m really sorry.

By Tory, 11th grade


Posted May 20, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

Once upon a time a lizard saw a grasshopper.

He said, “Grasshopper, will you be my friend?”

The grasshopper said, “Sure.”

So, they jumped and played.

Then, one day a mountain lion came up to them and said, “You’ll be a great snack.”

They hopped away as quick as they could.  They hid under a rock.  The mountain lion got tired of waiting for them and went away.

The lizard and the grasshopper gave each other high fives.

By Jorge, 2nd Grade