To the Future

Posted March 21, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

If you are my future you should know
when I was 5 years old I thought I
would be a doctor or when I was 12 years old
I thought I would be a psychologist.
You remember how I expected my birthday
to be celebrated but it wasn’t and how
I wanted to stay in California and have
a bike. You knew how I would look when
I grew up and how I had to have
glasses and braces and sometime feel
awkward. You also know that if I could
ever turn you into a person that I
would make you into an old friend who really
cares. You remember that I felt horrible
and glum when I first got to this school.
You always knew that I could someday
write and paint, love balloons and
darts. You know the questions I would like
to ask you. You even know in five years
I’ll be in college painting and drawing,
studying psychology and medicine.

By Karina, 7th grade

Photo by twchoi11 via Flickr


In Our Hands

Posted April 1, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


We, children of the universe,
declare no more wars so
fewer children are orphans.

We, children of the world,
suffer because we
worship big mysteries.

We, children of the poetry,
have the power to
right wrong.

We children are the future,
and we hold destiny
in our hands.

We can change the future.

By Johanna, age 11

[photo by Spacedust2019 via flickr]

Travel Lightly

Posted January 15, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

In the background
Green dancing mountains
Crash through fields of
Light, swiftly falling,
Jumping through the
Blue air like a knife from
The kitchen drawer.
Then a quiet moment
Comes like an ocean of
Love, or a cave of hate,
Banging quiet drums.
A sticky feeling of
Burgundy arises in you
As if you are running
Away from a lake of mistakes

To a palace of freedom.
The sun is crying tears of
Blood, and you can see
The blue eyes of the future,
A pretty promise despite
The salty jealousy of the
Past. Then you close
Your eyes and count,
One, two, three.
You hear the wind call
As you begin to travel
Lightly into the world
As you know it.

by Aurelia, 12th grade

(photo by magander via flickr)