Ode to Procrastinators

Posted November 30, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


Out of the dust,
into the world,
just to wait for another day,
to come out and shine.
Why do we lollygag,
and wait for the world to
approach us?
Waiting for the future
to fall out of the sky,
and hit us on the head.
Wishing there was another
way to live.
We are the gum in the gumball machine,
waiting for the maintenance guy
to show up.
We are the fish in the lake,
avoiding the hook,
and waiting for the net to come,
an easier way
to get caught,
even if we go down anyway.
We are the hairband that keeps
simply because it isn’t

By Orly, 6th grade

Travel Lightly

Posted January 15, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

In the background
Green dancing mountains
Crash through fields of
Light, swiftly falling,
Jumping through the
Blue air like a knife from
The kitchen drawer.
Then a quiet moment
Comes like an ocean of
Love, or a cave of hate,
Banging quiet drums.
A sticky feeling of
Burgundy arises in you
As if you are running
Away from a lake of mistakes

To a palace of freedom.
The sun is crying tears of
Blood, and you can see
The blue eyes of the future,
A pretty promise despite
The salty jealousy of the
Past. Then you close
Your eyes and count,
One, two, three.
You hear the wind call
As you begin to travel
Lightly into the world
As you know it.

by Aurelia, 12th grade

(photo by magander via flickr)