Giant Bee vs. Pineapple Man and Screaming Pancake

Posted August 5, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

Pineapple Man and Screaming Pancake are super heroes that fly all around the world. They read a newspaper article of a Giant Bee attacking New York City. Pineapple Man and Screaming Pancake flew to the rescue and it only took them two seconds to get there. They found the bee and measured it. It was 42 feet long! The people of New York stayed inside for nine weeks. “Look!” said Billy Bob Joe, a fat man with a bushy beard. “It’s Pineapple Man and Screaming Pancake!” The super heroes made the Giant Bee fly over the ocean. When the bee flew over the ocean Screaming Pancake poured syrup under his wings. The giant bee’s wings got stuck to his body. He fell into the ocean and drowned. The whole crowd screamed, “Hooray!” They went outside to play and were so happy that they had a giant party.

By Vijay, 3rd grade
[photo by agilitynut via flickr]