Posted October 4, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

October is the time of year when

you get to eat pumpkin cream cheese

pick up acorns that the squirrels missed

think about your Halloween costume

watch the leaves change

wear slippers.

By Fiona, 2nd grade

On Halloween Night

Posted October 27, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

On Halloween night I’m going to be a Ninja.  I won’t be scared because ninjas can cut ghosts in half. I’m going to dress in black and red.  I’m good at sneaking around and fighting with swords.  I think a lot about ninjas because they’re good at fighting and they are smart and strong.  When a bad guy tries to attack a ninja, he just grabs them and flips them over his head.

My friend is going to be a Star Wars guy for Halloween.  He says he’s going to sneak up behind me and cut off my head.   But, ninjas know everything that’s happening around them.  They can grab a sword that’s behind their head without even looking!  So, don’t try anything.

By Jared, age 7