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I’ve got problems

with Halloween

I can’t ever decide

what I want to be

I mean, I want to

be Spiderman

AND a cowboy

AND a buffalo

AND SpongeBob.

My brain is fried

and I haven’t

even started

eating candy yet.

By Thomas, 3rd grade


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October is the time of year when

you get to eat pumpkin cream cheese

pick up acorns that the squirrels missed

think about your Halloween costume

watch the leaves change

wear slippers.

By Fiona, 2nd grade

Happy Halloween!

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Picking perfect pumpkins

out of a sea of orange

carving a wicked smile

and lighting it with a candle

The sun is down now

the moon shining white

all my friends dressed up

like the Green Lantern

and Spiderman

Soon we’ll have bags full

of lollipops, gum, and

candy, candy, candy

This holiday is my dream

come true

By Ethan, grade 4

Make Your Own Halloween Comics

Posted October 28, 2011 & filed under Notebook. is a site that invites you to make your own comics. This year they’ve created a special program to help you make scary comics for Halloween. The Halloween Digital Write-Able asks: Imagine you could create a frightening ghost story. What would your opening lines be, your key characters, and your closing lines?  Go fill out your story now!

On Halloween Night

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On Halloween night I’m going to be a Ninja.  I won’t be scared because ninjas can cut ghosts in half. I’m going to dress in black and red.  I’m good at sneaking around and fighting with swords.  I think a lot about ninjas because they’re good at fighting and they are smart and strong.  When a bad guy tries to attack a ninja, he just grabs them and flips them over his head.

My friend is going to be a Star Wars guy for Halloween.  He says he’s going to sneak up behind me and cut off my head.   But, ninjas know everything that’s happening around them.  They can grab a sword that’s behind their head without even looking!  So, don’t try anything.

By Jared, age 7


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We sit around the campfire and hear

A soft whisper

Like spirits off in the distance.

They dance

In the


Like fireflies

At night.

They do not



For they are


By Libby

In the Night

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In the night ghosts tangle in my hair. In the night my truck leaves my family. In the night a wizard comes and takes me away. In the night I conquer sin. In the night the night becomes wind. In the night I fight with monsters. In the night I beat a monster and that monster runs away. In the night I sneeze and say guzuntite. In the night I get bracelets.

by Stephanie, 3rd grade

[photograph by rcameraw via flickr]

Orange and Black

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When I bite into an orange, the juice tickles my tongue.
Cockroaches crawl in the dark corners.

Pumpkins grow in big, beautiful pumpkin patches.
Bats fly in caves like the wind.

I see goldfish swimming in beautiful ponds.
The sky at night makes my eyes twinkle.

When I have a bite of tomato soup, it soothes my throat.
Licorice is my favorite candy of them all.

Tony the Tiger has the best cereal I’ve tasted.
Cows’ spots are the darkest shade of black I’ve ever seen.

Cheetos are the best chips I’ve eaten.
Car wheels speed down the long, black road.

When the sun sets, it is always the best time of the day.
I do the best tap dance with my tap shoes in my house.

Ronald McDonald’s hair is a very dark shade of red.
When I pick up dirt with my hands, it makes my fingers stick together.

Doxorubicin drips slowly into the IV to kill my cancer cells.
I have the best handwriting on a chalk board.

Carrots are my favorite type of vegetables.
I see black cats running to my house on Halloween night.

by Emily, 2nd grade
Texas Children’s Cancer Center

One Halloween Night

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I like the holiday Halloween because I get lots of candy! My mom won’t let me eat it all. I have to save it and eat just 2 pieces a day.

On Halloween I get to dress up. Today I’m a goth princess. My aunt had the black dress with the black hat and my mom made my jewelry. My little sister dressed up as a rock and roller. We only had the shirt and the wig so we had to add the eyelashes, the make-up, and the safety pins.

Tonight we’re going to a football field where they’re having a carnival. There are a lot of bulldogs in my neighborhood so it’s a little scary on Halloween because they might chase us. When I was six, I wore a long dress and boots and I kept tripping while I was trick-or-treating. I think tonight will be fun!

By Doremi, age 7

[photo by Juushika Redgrave via flickr]

Boom, Boom, Boom!

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One day I went to a haunted house. It was Halloween. Before I even stepped in, my heart went boom, boom, boom, boom. My legs felt wobbly. The devil jumped out from the dark, and I screamed and screamed. Then I saw Freddy hanging from a rope and I raced past but next was the Chainsaw Massacre guy and blood was dripping everywhere. Then I saw the Exorcist and even my aunt was scared! She ran the wrong way, and the Chainsaw Massacre guy yelled, “Wrong way!”  Then we all escaped, and I was happy to be out of that house, but my cousin dropped her candy bag and so she had to go back in! But it was too dark to find her bag so I had to share some of my candy with her.

By Mariah, 9

Halloween Poem

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Black Cat

The witches screech
the pumpkins gloom
the black cat sleeks
silently through the dark
the ghosts glow in the night
the zombies stomp around
the black cat sleeks silently
through the dark

the werewolves growl
the goblins moan
the black cat sleeks silently
through the dark

by Valerio, 2nd Grade

Calabazas (Pumpkins)

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El hombre y la semilla

pumpkinseeds.jpgEl hombre siembra la semilla. La semilla le da el fruto, y con el fruto el hombre puede hacer dos cosas: comer y vender. Así vive el hombre; cuando come, se mantiene fuerte y saludable, y cuando vende, puede con el dinero darse gustos. Puede comprar cosas que lo hacen feliz, puede comprar ropas, comida para él y para sus animales. Puede comprar además semillas, abono, y tierra.

Con esa nueva tierra, el hombre puede cosechar y dejar a sus hijos una buena herencia. El hombre trabaja duro para ayudar a su familia. Siembra y cosecha todo el día hasta que llega la noche, después va a su casa y se da un baño de pies a cabeza, se limpia las uñas, y se sienta a la mesa para cenar. Lo que más le gusta es tomar café. Se levanta muy temprano, y antes de que cante el gallo, el hombre está en la cocina friendo un huevo y calentándose una taza de café fuerte. Luego cuenta las semillas que sembrará ese día, se viste y le da un beso en la frente a su mujer que todavía está durmiendo. La hija lo siente irse, y sale a despedirlo.

Todavía no amanece, y ya está el hombre sembrando semillas de calabaza. Esas calabazas darán de comer a su familia, servirán para hacer frituras y sopas y también para vender en el mercado.

The Man and the Seed (Translation)

The man plants the seed. The seed becomes the pulp. Then the man can either eat or sell the pulp. The man does both throughout his entire life. When the man eats the pulp, he keeps himself strong and healthy. When the man sells it, he can buy a lot of things with the money he earns. He can buy, for example, clothes and food. In addition, he can buy new seeds, fertilizers, and land. He can make himself as happy as any human on the earth can be.

The man works hard and takes care of the seeds all day long to help his family. After the sunset, he goes back to his house, takes a shower to relax, cleans his nails, and dines. Nothing is more enjoyable than drinking coffee, thinks the man. He wakes up very early, goes to the kitchen to fry an egg and heats a cup of very dark coffee. Then he counts the number of seeds he is going to harvest that day, puts on his clothes, and kisses his wife on her forehead while she is sleeping. His daughter hears the sound of the door and runs to say goodbye to her dad.

There is still the moon above the world when the man begins to work. He places the pumpkin seeds underground. The man will feed his family with those yellow pumpkins of the future. They will be used to prepare soups, to decorate the garden on Halloween, and to sell in the market.

by Alejandro, 6th grade