That’s Up to You

Posted March 4, 2013 & filed under Notebook.


One day I was running through the woods.  It felt great, like my lungs were going to burst.  I kept going, never wanting to stop.  Suddenly, I saw something in the flowers move.  It looked like a fairy girl, and she was waving her arms in the air.  I stopped to see what I was looking at.  I was sure it must be the medicine I was taking that was making me see things.  But, there she was, a tiny girl with long hair and big eyes and wings. I asked her what she wanted.  She said, “To be happy.”  I said, “That’s up to you.”  Then, I kept running.

By Sariah, 4th grade

To Happiness

Posted March 7, 2012 & filed under Notebook.


On the way to Mexico

I dreamed that I was in a maze

wandering in the mountains

falling into dark leaves

and fields of flowers

A sadness came into me

It felt like fog

But on the tips of my fingers

I felt a pink butterfly

I glided toward the stars

Where I found a window

To happiness.

By Maritza, 12th grade


Posted August 12, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

When I wake up on Friday morning

there’s a dance in my step

cuz I know it’s almost the weekend

and I’m really full of pep

I run out of the front door

and all the way to school

not thinking of my homework

just feeling really cool

I hope you woke up happy

but in case you don’t feel gay

Just remember that it’s Friday

and I know you’ll be okay!

By Kathy, age 11

Mi Caja del Bien y del Mal – My Box of Good and Evil

Posted September 13, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


Por favor dime dónde está la risa.
Dime dónde está la alegría.
Dime dónde está la dulzura.
Dime dónde está el poder.
Dime dónde está la fuerza.
Dime dónde está la protección.
Dime dónde está mi familia.
Dime dónde está la abundancia.
Dime dónde está la felicidad.
Dime dónde está la gente.
Dime dónde está la grandeza.


My Box of Good and Evil Box (Translation)

Please tell me where is the laughter.
Tell me where is happiness.
Tell me where is sweetness.
Tell me where is power.
Tell me where is strength.
Tell me where is protection.
Tell me where is my family.
Tell me where is abundance.
Tell me where are the people.
Tell me where is greatness.

By Alondra, 2nd grade

Photo by Visualist Images via Flickr

Receta para ser feliz (Recipe for Happiness)

Posted February 15, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

2 vasos con leche
10 dulces de M & M restok
4 patadas a la pelota de soccer
2 millas de terreno
11 jugadores
2 pedazos de esperanza
12 puntos
1 trofeo

Combina dos millas de terreno para correr.
No dejes tu equipo perder.
11 jugadores mezclados.
12 puntos ganados.
Nosotros somos los campeones!

2 glasses of milk
10 pieces of M & M candies
4 kicks to a soccer ball
2 miles of terrain
11 players
2 pieces of hope
12 points
1 trophy

Combine two miles with running.
Do not let your team down.
11 players mix.
12 points gained.
Champions at last!

By Juan, 2nd grade
[photo by Randombassist via flickr]