A Travel Guide to My Heart

Posted November 20, 2017 & filed under Notebook, Poem.


Welcome to hot, humid Houston. If you travel northeast, you might find a place I love most: my home. You can take a right and find a wonderful white house. It’s so special with my mom, dad, my 5-year old brother, Sam, my 8-day old baby brother, Shepard and my two dogs, Gus and Zeus. Also, two beautiful fish used to live there, but they died.

Come with me and travel west. You’ll find my most beloved grandmother and grandfather. You’ll find them in a red brick house. Please travel east. A candy shop awaits! I could eat all the candy. If I could, I would spend tons and tons of hours eating chocolate. Come up North, flying high in the sky. See clouds as you pass by. Then you’ll see a paradise where you can relax. I will play in the pool all day long. It is a place I call Florida.

by Nellie, 1st grade

The Hallway of Advice

Posted October 5, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

Whenever I walk down
the hallway of advice,
the walls close in and
smile again to see me
and attend to my uncertainties.
I thank it for its help,
its kindness, its love
and leave it alone.
It always waits for me.

By Luis, 7th grade

Where I Was Born

Posted October 15, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

The sky is cloudy and bright.

I am happy because I am from

here, Houston, TX, where

I can eat Chinese food,

play hide-and-seek, and

visit with my friends.

I am from here, Houston,TX,

where I’m in 4th grade and

where I don’t mind it when

it’s hot because I can play

under the sun all day.

I’m from here, Houston, TX,

a big city with lots of

apartments and houses.

I want to stay in Houston

forever because this is

where I was born.

by Oluwatobi, age 11

[photo by Ricardo Carreon–click on it for more information]