Yo Soy (I Am)

Posted June 21, 2013 & filed under Notebook.


Yo soy el continente africano
lleno de animales salvajes.
Yo soy un iPhone lleno de juegos divertidos.
Yo soy la isla de Cuba
perdida en el océano Atlántico.
Yo soy un coche nuevo que corre hacia el mar.
Yo soy un fantasma enojado
en una mansion embrujada.
Yo soy un gorro
en el invierno glacial.
Yo soy un gold fish apetitoso
y muy rico.
Yo soy un leopardo rápido que corre por la savana africana.
Yo soy una crema
con un sabroso aroma.
Yo soy esa medicina que cura
a muchas personas.

I am the African continent
full of wild animals.
I am an iPhone
full of fun games.
I am the Island of Cuba
lost in the Atlantic Ocean.
I am a new car that runs to the sea.
I am an angry ghost
in a haunted house.
I am a hat
in a glacial winter.
I am a delicious and tasty gold fish.
I am a fast cheetah
that runs on the African savannah.
I am a lotion with a nice aroma.
I am that medicine that heals
many people.

by Rodrigo, 2nd grade


Posted July 1, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I am the air of the whole world.
I make the bells ring with their soft music.
When the birds lay eggs,
They feel me as the air and they hatch.
I am the raindrops that make the roses cry
Because they won’t dry.
I am wonderful.

I am the raindrop like a crystal.
I am the queen of tigers.
The tigers obey me.
They stare at me surprised.
I dance in the middle of the tigers
There, in a circle.

I am the sunlight.
I make the flowers grow in their colors.
I, as the sunlight, I get a piece of leaf,
And I eat it.
I am the rainbow.
The colors are emotional.
I have the power to give color to the world.

By Merari, 8th grade
[photo by janoid via flickr]

I Am

Posted December 12, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

sushi-moleskine-by-renmeleonI am the taste of sushi like butter on my tongue.

I am the smell of my grandpa’s old books that smell like dust.

I am the bursting fireworks and the smoke they leave behind.

I am music without a beat.

I am the smell of exotic spices.

I am the messy fluff on my dog’s head.

I am the scholar that ponders impossible questions.

I am always sleeping.

I am the taste of spicy wasabe burning my mouth.

I am the graceful arcs and curves of the Japanese alphabet.

I am the velvety fur of my rabbit.

I am the overgrown backyard full of soft grass and strong oaks.

I am the mysterious trinkets collecting dust in the attic.

I am the smell of treats baking in the oven.

I am the scratchy blankets that warmed my mom once.

I am ancient voices telling forgotten stories.

I am a page full of printed letters worn by time.

I am the spicy bursts of flavor in Thai food.

I am the calming warmth of a cup of tea.

by Charles, 7th Grade