My Story of Life

Posted February 16, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I am from light rose flowers with blooming petals, from different shades of blue. I am from the snow globe I got when I was six years old, after my grandmother died. I see the morning sun shining on the dewy grass like crystals. I hear the roses swaying in a warm breeze. I smell the peppermint herbs in the garden, with aroma from ferns. I am from cousin Savannah skipping merrily. I am from the golden dollars from my grandfather and the taste of country butter on popcorn. I am from a world of peace, love, and joy. From hot summer days and cool winter nights. Moonlight beams and starry skies. I am from old family pictures and loving memories, from mountains high and valleys low. From a treasure chest of magical, mystical dreams of pleasure. I am from a small old family music box of hope to ears with pleasant tunes, from imagination and creativity. I see smiles as wide as blackboards with happiness and comfort. I am from gritty sand, from the beach on a warm, summer day.

By Ericka, 3rd grade
[photo by santoshima via flickr]