Award-Winning Children’s Book

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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Coretta Scott King Awards

The Coretta Scott King Awards

For the last 40 years the Coretta Scott King Awards have been given to African American authors and illustrators for their outstanding contributions to children’s literature. The books chosen promote understanding among races and uphold the American Dream. The Awards commemorate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and honor Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

For past winners from 1970-present, check out this list.  The 2012 winner is Kadir Nelson’s Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans, published by HarperCollins.  The story and the artwork in this book are  stunning.  Go get your copy today and help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Coretta Scott King Awards in Children’s Literature.

Heart and Soul


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(inspired by Joe Brainard’s book-length poem I Remember)

I remember when we ate black-eyed peas for good luck

but then we had bad luck because our dog died

I remember when it got so cold we had to wear mittens and

then the next week we wore flip flops because it was 75 degrees

I remember going to a Martin Luther King, Jr. parade and then not

being able to remember where we parked our car

I  remember getting poison ivy, which I thought would be dead in


I remember this month the best because it’s my birthday and

my mom lets me pick what kind of cake I want

By Jazz, 4th grade

Sad Truth

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Photo from the Houston Post Collection. Courtesy of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Over there, water
Fountains for black people
Over there, water
Fountains for white people.
Screaming people
Arguing, raising fists
Putting up bad signs
“Negro Stay Out”
Hauling people
Away in trucks
Sending them to jail
Hurting people
Little kids walking on old
Burned down houses
Running for their lives
People writing VOTE

By Diego, 2nd grade