Midnight World

Posted December 13, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

Nobody disturbs

a sleeping road

at midnight.

Nobody disturbs

the jewels of the

sleeping sky

at midnight.

When the sky turns black,

everything begins to sleep

until the sky spins red.

Everything is quiet

and peaceful

everything is gone,

only peace and quiet are still there

until the sky turns red.

That’s midnight.

By Hyunnsun, 9th Grade

The Sounds of the Night

Posted August 4, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

What do they mean, the sounds of the night?
The outside of midnight is dark
Like the world is gone, as if it never
Had existed.

When I go to bed, sometimes I feel
Like I’m scared; the sounds are strange.
Each night is different. The cats do a meow
Sound, maybe because they are cold.

The sound of the wind is so slow,
And so quiet, but you can still hear it.
I hear what the outside carries, different
Sounds by the way the outside goes.

But when I wake up everything
Is like yesterday.

By Fatima, 7th grade
[photo by deatonstreet via flickr]