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It’s sunrise. The alarm sings.

Birds chirping with somber joy.

Time ticks with the echoes of a lovely voice,

my mother rehearsing church hymns of melancholy.

The sweet scent of the old bakery makes my stomach churn.

My dad on the phone, laughing with mockery,

watching TV and enjoying family.

Tick-tock it’s 9 p.m., time to end with an Amen.

by Chigoziri, 10th Grade



Posted April 18, 2013 & filed under Poem of the Day.

Who are you, little q?

I am a music note

Sitting on a page

Waiting for someone to play me

I’ll be in the orchestra someday

My dreams are waiting to come true

I wait all night

for you to listen to me

By Regina, 3rd grade

Click the link above to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by Charlotte Ehlers at Johnston Middle School For the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.

This poem is featured as part of the 2013 A Poem a Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by Writers in the Schools (WITS) that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April. Click here to learn more. 

Special thanks to Susan Phillips, an independent radio producer and KPFT volunteer in Houston, who recorded and produced all the poems for the WITS A Poem a Day campaign.  

Reasha’s Song

Posted August 19, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

I like when the sun rises in the East to

get me out of bed. I like how the cool

wind blows on my face. I like when new

flowers open and bloom in the morning. I

like reading encyclopedias. I like serving

food to my family on Thanksgiving. I like

playing with my baby cousin. I like

cheering for teams I want to win.  I like

planning parties. I like the smell of

summer air. I like the season of spring.

I like dancing in the night under the stars

and I like moving to music. I like doing

other people’s hair. I like how flowers

and doors close at night. I like how my

family loves me. I like the way the moon

puts me to bed when it’s dark and I’m sleepy.

by Reasha, 3rd grade

I Heard a Song

Posted May 13, 2011 & filed under Notebook.


I heard a song
that took me to Germany.

Touring a castle,
seeing everything
knights in shining armor
to the beautiful
with gold and silver.

Everything is wonderful
and beautiful
and peaceful.

A spark in my mind
that someone lived here at this place!

Someone had enough
money to buy everything
anything they wanted.

Someone lived here at this
at that time.
They could get whatever
they wanted.

They are greedy
and selfish
and ungrateful.

Everything in my
mind stops when the song is over!

By Reagan, 6th grade

Ode to Christine the Trombone

Posted January 11, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


Lying in her padded home
she blissfully waits and sleeps.
Surrounded by rags and grease,
she dreams of high B flats.

She awakens to blinding light
and just like a teenager
pleads to sleep some more.
But taken from her padded house and grease and rags
she comes fluidly together.

A few warm ups to stretch the toes
and get her blood flowing.
She wakes up
Like a teacher who’s had her morning cup of coffee.

Notes spin
and weave
and run cleverly up and down the staff.
She knows she can play it all
if only this girl who makes her sing
would practice a little more often.

Christine is a teacher.
She’s taught this girl many things.
How to be patient
and just a bit rowdy
to know when to laugh
to know when to cry
to know when to leap
and when to fall.

By Emalie, 11th grade
[photo by leandre ouvreture via flickr]

Houston Music

Posted November 6, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I hear…

girls laughing with deep voices like men.

clapping like you’re at church.

Lydia talking softly like rats at night.

birds chirping like they are talking.

hammers beating like a giant stomping.

airplane vrroooooming like an eighteen wheeler.

truck squeaking like a rubber duck.

These are the sounds of the Third Ward!

by Chelsey, 4th grade

The Sound of the Trumpet

Posted September 29, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


What is that noise, that noise
Sounds really beautiful
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang.
It sounds like it is coming
From this room.

No. It is coming
From over there.
But when I look up
In the sky,
That sound sounds again –
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang.
When I look up in the sky
It keeps on getting fainter.
But I don’t want it to go away.
Every time I hear that sound,
It seems like I’m getting
Closer to my dreams
Of being a musician.
When I look up in the sky
That sound again –
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang
I see a shiny light and
The angel playing
The trumpet.

By Rudy, 6th grade
[photo by Bradleywindy via flickr]

Hear It / Eat It

Posted April 30, 2009 & filed under Poem of the Day.

Instead of hearing music, I eat it
Do, re, and mi are the sweetest so I put
Sprinkles on them, they taste
Like cake
Fa, so, la, and ti are tricky to cook
But done correctly they taste like
Mango liquado
Do. Do is the tastiest
Rarely caught but still good
Singing in the shower
Will lure them from
Catch them with a net
Just like butterflies

By Anna, 7th grade
[photo by Angel Contreras via flickr]

This poem is featured as part of the 2009 A Poem A Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by WITS that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April. Click on the logo to the left to learn more.

Phone Number Music

Posted February 3, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

Going down the trumpet vines
Swirling, music whirling in
My ears like a butterfly flying
Through soft melodies, soaring
In the skies from violins, sweet
As a kitten playing with its
String and a playful dog
Jumping happily away.

by Isabelle, 3rd grade

(photo by prentensious! via flickr)phone-by-pretentious-via-flickr.jpg