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I am the air of the whole world.
I make the bells ring with their soft music.
When the birds lay eggs,
They feel me as the air and they hatch.
I am the raindrops that make the roses cry
Because they won’t dry.
I am wonderful.

I am the raindrop like a crystal.
I am the queen of tigers.
The tigers obey me.
They stare at me surprised.
I dance in the middle of the tigers
There, in a circle.

I am the sunlight.
I make the flowers grow in their colors.
I, as the sunlight, I get a piece of leaf,
And I eat it.
I am the rainbow.
The colors are emotional.
I have the power to give color to the world.

By Merari, 8th grade
[photo by janoid via flickr]

Oh, Beauty

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It looks like a beautiful valley
with a little part of land, and smooth rocks,
and seashells that blend with its nature.

Why is the water light as snow?
Why is the water white as snow?
Why is the water light as snow?
Why is the water white as snow?

Maybe the ocean would be frozen to death,
because its surroundings are not moving in any kind of way.
But would it?

That’s the part I want to know.
The sky is as white and foggy as a ghost.
The ocean looks blue, black, and dark green.
Is the water frozen, or cold, or should I just
Go ahead and jump in?

By Jealousy, 4th grade

Icy Lake

Posted December 1, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

The lake is still

Smooth like glass

Perfect but delicate

I step outside

Shivering in the cold

Sitting down I drift in thought

The lake is still

By Alexander, 6th grade

[photo by fissionedmail via flickr]

Ode to Trees

Posted November 17, 2008 & filed under Notebook.


The sweet scent of nature overshadows
the rough bark and smooth leaves of the trees,
the wind dancing with them as they glide gracefully among the dirt,
whispering lost stories to each other that were passed on to them from the great ancient one.
The trees, some tall some little, all gathering together as one family
These long, brown, and old beings resting
and providing homes and protecting the many animals living in them.
The trees give us all something – a box, a chair, even a house
but never ask anything back.

By Meera, 5th grade
[photo by cjewing2 via flickr]


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Giving voice to a vacant house of spirit with air of a different density a foot bridge with sounds emerging from nowhere.

by Samuel, 3rd grade

[photo by Jancy Li via flickr]

The Osprey’s Nest

Posted December 20, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

I am the tree with
a bird’s nest on me under the clouds
and the Southern sky. It feels good
as the wind blows on my crooked neck.
I am leaning to the side
with only one leaf, because
they all blew away except
that one, and I will not let go.
My friends are silent, as
though we shall not move from this place
where it is green land unless someone
moves us. As the sun sets the nest on
my head, the owner and their babies
come back with a worm in their mouths.
And the sun sets and sets and sets,
while the moon comes up.

by Karson, 3rd grade


Writing in Nature

Posted September 17, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

I feel surroundedrobin-bird-by-webted-via-flickr.jpg
I feel relaxed
because the forest is

very silent. The sight
is beautiful. The trees

are big. I feel as
if I shrunk.

I see a bird. It
lands on my arm.
I touch it and

I realize that
this is the

perfect place
to be yourself
and to feel freedom.
I feel relaxed
and peaceful.

by Erika, Neff Elementary