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Nature Writing at the Houston Arboretum

I have a turtle
And I can see him
But no one else can
He runs fast
As a cheetah
Because he is invisible
He eats candy
For dessert
And fish
For dinner
He feels as bumpy

Nature Writing at the Houston Arboretum

As the street
And smells like the lake
He is slimy
And has a house
That no one can see
In the north
by Giovanni, 2nd grade


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I saw a Monarch butterfly. It was orange and black. It was cold so it traveled to Mexico where it was hot. The butterfly was sad because it did not have sugar water to drink. I gave it water, and it became my friend. We went to Texas together. I named her Sparkle. She did not have any friends but me, and I met her family; they are nice too. They live with me now. I take care of them, and on Fridays I get them more sugar water.

by Chaya, 2nd grade

WITS Presents A Light in the Forest Reading Tomorrow

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What: Come hear students from the WITS program read their nature-inspired poems, essays, and stories in celebration of Earth Day. View clips from last year’s reading on YouTube .

When: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Where: Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, 4501 Woodway Drive (map)

Cost: Free and open to the public

Sponsors: Shell Oil Company, Texas Commission on the Arts, City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Kroger, The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation,, and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

To learn more about upcoming events in the Houston Young Writers Reading series, click here.

WITS congratulates the following students who were chosen to participate in this year’s celebration:

Alyssa Alcala
Jocelyn Andrade
Alexander Berlew Arriaga
Justin Baxstrom
Richard Boone
Celeste Chamberlin
Thomas Chang
Marcela Chavez
Christina Chen
Deisy Cisneros
Alvara Covarrubias
Nataly Dominguez
Henry Donjuan
Ethan Dulin
Ibtissam El-Miaari
Cassandra Faz
Heather Hayes
Mac Holmes
Traneece Jones
Yosselin Leon
Yasmine Mejia
Jennifer Molina
Anthony Moreno
Logan Ramirez
Desiray Rios
Ramiro Rosas
Harshindra Sanamvenkata
Luke Stodghill
Robert Wadsworth
Amy Williamson

The Pond Speaks

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The great thing
is not having a
mind. You know
I do not
have a mouth, but
the truth is, I
am speaking now.
Do you
ever permit yourself
to swim in my water?
If you like
to swim in me,
the pond,
I would like
to talk with you.
I like to see bugs
I like frogs.
They like to hop over me
to eat
on lilypads.
I smell food sometimes
because human beings
like to camp
all around me,
and I get to talk
with all of them;
whisper all the time

when they come.

by Katherine, 4th grade

Publishing Op: Nature Writers

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Save the Whales is sponsoring a poetry writing contest for kids (ages 13 and under). If you want to enter this contest, please keep these things in mind:

  • The poem must be about whales.
  • The poem must be your own original work.
  • Remember to give your poem a title.
  • The winning poems will be published in a book.
  • The deadline is April 30, 2008.

You can enter the competition by emailing your poem to m1sid  [at], or you can mail it to Save The Whales – Poem Entry, 1192 Waring Street, Seaside, CA 93955. Be sure to put your name and age, address, phone number and email address on the entry. For more information, click here.

Writing in Nature

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I feel surroundedrobin-bird-by-webted-via-flickr.jpg
I feel relaxed
because the forest is

very silent. The sight
is beautiful. The trees

are big. I feel as
if I shrunk.

I see a bird. It
lands on my arm.
I touch it and

I realize that
this is the

perfect place
to be yourself
and to feel freedom.
I feel relaxed
and peaceful.

by Erika, Neff Elementary