Ode to Swimming Goggles

Posted June 11, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

The swimming goggles are
my eye’s main facility.
They are my eyes’. . .
and weapon.
They are my friend for
showing me the wonders of
the sea.
You can stretch them to fit
your head.
You don’t want to expand
them too much,
or they will snap and die.
They are my eye’s armor.
They protect my eyes from chlorine and salt.
They let me see without getting my eyes red and sore.
They are a weapon, a slingshot.
They are an extension of my head
and a part of me like a close relative.
They are like glasses that help me see underwater.
Soon they will invent contacts for water,
but I will still use goggles.
I still use them today.
They are my eyes’ closest friend.

By Michael, 5th grade

60 Seconds

Posted August 18, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I reach the starting line with my hands cold as ice. The crowd is spinning and silver specks of light flash above my head. The stadium stretches across the finish line. I think about past races won, and hope this one will soon join them. My opponents take their marks on line, and so do I. Out of the corner of my eye I can see #45 kneeling as the announcer yells “GET SET!” I face forward and wait for the “GO!” Before I know it I hear the voice that sends me flying. Whoosh! We’re off speeding through the wind; my arms are pumping, and I feel my nervous heart pounding. My nails claw the palm of my hand as I start to ball up my fist. The halfway mark is almost an inch away. As I finally set foot on it, this surge of energy boosts me like a rocket. I can no longer feel my legs, just the muscles working their magic. The view ahead is a beautiful sunlit orange, bright like the sweetness of victory.

by Nancy, 12th grade

[photo by Matt Devino via flickr]

The Lightning Kick

Posted July 21, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, and I was in the field. the earth was cracked from the sun. My teammates passed me the ball. I got nervous and started sweating. I could feel a drop of sweat dripping down my head. I started dashing toward the goalie, but their defense started to attack me. I did a 360 on them, and the crowd started cheering.

The goalie looked really angry, and ran towards me. He looked aggressive, like he was going to take me down. I got scared, but when I got closer to him, I picked up the ball with my foot. I imagined that when I kicked it, it would go really fast like lightning, so that the goalie would not see the ball. But I got so close that when I kicked the ball, it hit the pole, and the ball bounced back at me. My legs started to tremble, and my head began to explode, but I pulled myself together in a split second. So I kicked the ball again. This time I scored, and we won 1-0. It was a really good game.

by Mario, 6th grade

photo by videoal via flickr